Aga Correa sextant & lobster trap

Another favorite of mine is Correa’s new lobster trap charm. For a lobster fan and charm collector it’s a dream come true with a hinged trap and a lobster held by a small chain.

The sextant charm is amazingly detailed. This instrument is not used much in our era of GPS, but it was a necessary navigational tool before our electronic age! Continue reading

Legendary Spyker Cars Introduces Swiss Watch with Its Unique Aesthetic

Attention all sports car buffs! The rare Spyker car, revived in 2000, has introduced a line of Swiss-made chronographs. Spyker was founded in Holland in 1898 and the Spijker brothers created a horse-drawn carriage for Queen Wilhelmina. The Golden Carriage is still one ceremonial use once a year.   Continue reading

The Omega Moon Watch and it Many Phases!

The Omega Speedmaster, in that time a manually wound movement chronometer,  has been to the moon TK times, and was the first to land there in 196K. The watch at the time was used both to tell time on the astronaut’s wrist but also used to time the lunar landing. Continue reading

Rolex’s Big Basel Reveal – The Sky Dweller Watch – First New Movement in 25 Years!

Rolex has created a new movement masterpiece – its first completely new movement in 25 years. Continue reading

Aah Summer – The IWC Portofino Eight Days Watch

With the start of summer and vacations, it is a good time to consider a manual wound watch. The IWC Portofino Eight Days, introduced at SIHH 2011, allows you to wind your watch only once a week. The watch will go for a full eight days keeping perfect time without needing another wind, so you can “forget” about it and relax. Continue reading

Van Cleef and Arpels Midnight in Paris Poetic Complication Watch for Stargazers and Space Cowboys

Van Cleef & Arpels, legendary jewelry makers, also produce exquisitely unique watch complications. Far from the more “standard” fare of chronographs, dual time zones, and alarms, Van Cleef excels in the area of aptly-named  “poetic complications.” Continue reading

Perrelet’s Mesmerizing Turbine XL Double Rotor Lifts off Without Leaving The Ground

Perrelet has recently released an XL version of its Turbine model. This extra large (50MM) piece is fascinating to wear with its unique turbine rotor movement. In fact the watch boasts two rotors, with the top one sculpted to duplicate the look of an airplane turbine engine. Continue reading

Tickling The Ivories with Audemars Piguet’s Quincy Jones Millinery Watch

With its signature Millinary dial engraved to resemble piano keys, Audemars Piguet has created a limited edition watch in honor of the great musician Quincy Jones. The watch, a series of 500, celebrates the work of one of music’s legends. Continue reading

The Birds and the Bees and a Few Monkeys, Too! Chopard Celebrates 150 Years with a Stellar Jewelry Collection

Fish swimming in the sea, polar bears on the ice, and a hippopotamus lounging: perhaps a National Geographic magazine, but high jewelry? Chopard’s collection for its 150th anniversary is replete with creatures from the lowly rat to a cuddly panda. Continue reading

Rolex’s Sea-Dweller Deepsea – Not Your Father’s Submariner

Rolex has once again proven itself as  a master of the waterproof diving watches. Its Submariner has been the stuff of legend in the diving watch category, and achieved silver-screen status in James Bond movies like On Her Majesty’s Secert Service. Continue reading

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