The Wrist Watcher is dedicated to luxury timepieces and jewelry, curated by Hyla Bauer, a New York-based editor with a specialty in watches and fine jewelry.

Her passion for fine watches and jewels developed during her career as a fashion editor at GQ, Vogue, and Conde Nast Traveler. Hyla joined Swiss luxury watchmaker Vacheron Constantin in a further pursuit of her interests, and then went on to the Editor in Chief position at Watch Journal magazine, filling its pages with beautiful and informative articles on luxury lifestyle and timepieces, including original luxury watch photography.

Hyla has traveled extensively around the globe directing photo shoots on location with models and celebrities. She visits Switzerland several times a year to research stories with top watchmaking brands and to view the newest watch collections.

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NOTE: Each item is presented as accurately as possible. This blog is run independently. It is not affiliated with any watch or jewelry brand.