An Engineering Masterpiece – Tag Heuer’s Monaco V4

An Engineering Masterpiece – Tag Heuer’s Monaco V4

Tag Heuer introduced the Monaco V4 as a concept watch at the Basel Fair in 2004. The belt drive movement, inspired by automobiles, was a first, and had everyone wondering if it could ever work in a wristwatch.

Well, work it does!!! After 5 years Tag Heuer has produced the watch in a limited edition of 150, celebrating its 150 years of watchmaking.

Tag-Heuer Monaco V4 mens watch close-up of the drive belts

A close-up of the drive belts

The watch has 5 tiny belts that drive the movement, and they are clearly visible from the skeleton dial of the watch.

Another outstanding feature is the linear mass (not a traditional rotating mass) that moves up and down with the wearer’s movements to wind the watch. The mass slides on tiny ball bearings measuring just 2.2 millimeters in diameter. Tag Heuer has obtained two worldwide patents on the Monaco V4, and deservedly so.
The case is the classic Monaco shape done in platinum.

Specs: self-winding, 52 hour power reserve, platinum on alligator strap. A true collector’s piece that will fascinate its owners for years to come.

Tag Heuer Monaco V4 dial

The Monaco V4 men’s watch

The Back View: note the linear mass and 4 spring barrels