Bulgari’s New Anish Kapoor-Designed B.Zero1 Ring

Bulgari’s New Anish Kapoor-Designed B.Zero1 Ring

 Bulgari is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its uber-popuar B.Zero1 ring this year, and hired sculptor Anish Kapoor to design his own interpretation of the iconic piece.

Kapoor’s art work is distinguished by its simplistic forms, often very large, with curved surfaces. The surfaces are usually monochromatic or metallic. Often the works have reflective qualities like those of funhouse mirrors in a circus (at a much more sophisticated level, of course!) and the shapes create a sense of mystery and awe in the viewer.  The B.Zero1 ring is a small scale version of one of his sculptures, with its inward-curving stainless steel bordered in 18K rose gold.

Artist Anish Kapoor

A Portrait of Anish Kapoor Captures his Reflections in a Steel Sculpture

Anish Kapoor for Bulgari Ring

The Newest Bulgari B.Zero1 Ring By Anish Kapoor in Steel and Rose Gold

Kapor currently has a large exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum, in Bilbao, Spain.

One of his largest stainless steel works, the Cloud Gate in Chicago, weighs a whopping 110 tons.  And while the Cloud Gate is of course on permanent exhibit,  fortunately Kapoor’s newest venture is easily portable on your finger.

Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate in Chicago Weighs 110 Tons