Chanel’s Iconic Camellia Jewelry and Diamond Ladies Watch

Chanel’s Iconic Camellia Jewelry and Diamond Ladies Watch

Chanel’s impact on the fashion world is unmatched. Her creations have become staples for the fashionable the world over: quilted handbags, Chanel jackets, and bold, impactful jewelry, both costume and precious. A Chanel watch carries the same mystique. 

Camellia Brooch by chanel

Chanel Camelia Brooch and Ring in Diamonds and Onyx

Chanel today also has an amazing collection of fine jewelry that takes some of its inspiration from her iconic symbols. The Camellia, often seen as a fabric brooch or print, is also represented in the jewelry line. Camellia are flowering plants native to Asia and have an exotic heady scent.

Camellia flower

A Camellia Blossom – inspiration for countless Chanel Jewels

The camellia’s exotic fragrance and beauty inspired Chanel, and her creations reflect her passion for the flower. It’s also said that her great friend Marcel Proust wore a camellia in his suit buttonhole. Chanel has introduced over the years camellia gold rings, camellia pendants, and the exquisite ladies’ diamond watch with a secret: the top hinges open and closed to reveal the time underneath.

There are many different varieties of the flower, and although the white blossom is more prevalent in the States, the pink varieties are in fact more abundant in their native lands.

Pink Camellia Flower

A Pink Camellia Blossom – the petal shape is reflected in Chanel’s jewelry

Chanel’s “Secret” Camellia watch in diamonds and 18K white gold