The Call of the Wild: John Hardy’s Tiger Macan Collection by Guy Bedarida

The Call of the Wild: John Hardy’s Tiger Macan Collection by Guy Bedarida

Loins and tigers and bears, oh my! Oh yes, when it comes to the Tiger collection that Guy Bedarida recently introduced at John Hardy. Bedarida has been design director for John Hardy since 1999 and took part ownership in 2007. The company, based in Ubud, Bali, employs local artisans and each piece is completely handmade.  Inspirations abound in this tropical island, but Bedarida also looks to other cultures and countries for iconic designs.

white tiger japan john hardy

The powerful white tiger in a Japanese drawing

john hardy tiger diamond and black sapphire bracelets

Two views of John Hardy’s Macan bracelet in diamonds and black sapphires – note the intricately carved interior

Bedarida named this collection “Macan” after the Balinese word for Tiger.¬† The tiger “is a symbol of courage, passion, and triumph over the impossible in ancient Japan'” according to the collection notes. The tiger was also “associated with the aristocratic samurai warriors,'” whose bravery is legendary. The pieces are done in sterling silver set with gemstones including diamonds and black sapphires. The exquisite design of John Hardy pieces extends to the back. The inside is decorated with typical Balinese designs or illustrations of nature.

The Balinese are known for skilled craftsmanship and handiwork. The country is largely Hindu, and people leave small intricately woven basket offerings at temples, in doorways, even on the sidewalks. In Bali Hinduism is deeply rooted in art and ritual, as seen in this offering basket made of reeds, below, placed at one of the hundreds of temples in Bali.

A typically carefully crafted offering basket placed upon a goddess statue at one of Bali’s ubiquitous temples