Oscar Niemeyer Designs for H. Stern Jewelry

Oscar Niemeyer Designs for H. Stern Jewelry

Renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer has designed a collection for H. Stern. The 102 year old, whose aesthetic is known around the world, agreed to partner with Roberto Stern to create a collection. The pieces range from designs that are clearly interpretations of his buildings to pieces inspired by nature and curved shapes. The Pampulha pieces in particular bear a striking resemblance to the Church of St. Frances of Assisi‘s architecture.

H. Stern Gold and diamond flower pendant designed by Oscar Neimeyer

A Flower pendant from the Oscar Niemeyer Collection, seemingly formed from a single ribbon of gold

His collection ranges from sublimely curved  gold rings to larger diamond encrusted earrings and bracelets. Mr. Niemeyer’s design sense has not faltered, even at the remarkable age of 102.

Oscar Neimeyer Church in Pampulha, Brazil

This church in Pampulha was the inspiration for the Pampulha bracelet, below

The Pampulha Bracelet in White gold and Diamonds

Niemeyer also has written poetry, which provides extra insight into his passion for form and shape. Following is an excerpt of a poem, which details his passion for form:

“It’s not the right angle that attracts me,

nor is the straight line, hard, inflexible,
created by man.

What attracts me is the free and sensual curve,
the curve I find in my country’s mountains,
in the sinuous course of its rivers,
in the ocean waves, in a woman’s body.

The whole universe is made of curves,

the curved universe of Einstein.”