Patek Philippe Exhibition to be held in NYC July 2017

Patek Philippe Exhibition to be held in NYC July 2017

A grand exhibition is in the works featuring some of the finest and rarest timepieces ever made. The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition, Discovering the World of Patek Philippe, will be one of the largest and most comprehensive exhibitions of historical and modern timepieces the world has ever seen. And knowing the attention to quality and detail that Patek Philippe gives to its timepieces, the exhibit is sure to be spectacular.

American Focus

Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches mens watches

Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches

“The number of collectors and connoisseurs who live in this country rivals anywhere else in the world,” said Larry Petinelli, the president of Patek Philippe USA. However, “we still have the need to educate people in this country, there are not a lot people who don’t know about fine timepieces and the art of fine timepieces,” he continued, “and many fewer still know about Patek Philippe.”

Petinelli shared that included in the exhibit will be pieces that are significant in the history of timekeeping, not just Patek Phillpe timepieces. “We want to educate people about timekeeping, the watch industry, what it takes to be watchmakers, and to get to the next generation of consumers, many of whom don’t even wear a watch,” he said. We want to share “what this small community of watch people, and what are they excited about. It’s a small niche industry, but at the end of the day  there aren’t many things left that you can buy, hold, and pass down, instead of throwing it away, like many things in our society today. These are things that have lasting value, and you can actually pass on for two, three, of four generations.”

History Lesson

Pieces will date back to the 1500’s, some of which have never been in the US before.  It will take place at Cipriani 42nd St., in a landmark bank building across the street from Grand Central Terminal, in midtown Manhattan.

Admission to the exhibit will be free, allowing access to as many people as it can hold. Understandably, security will be tight for the safety of the visitors. A history of timekeeping’s progression from the 1500’s to today will span through two exhibition floors. Watchmakers will be on hand to discuss the process of creating watches. A room will be dedicated to the workshops of Patek Philippe as well, and a museum room containing historical pieces including Queen Victoria’s watch, one of the first watches that did not require a key to be wound.

Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Patek Philippe Watch with Pearl Bracelet

Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Patek Philippe Watch with Pearl Bracelet

Many prominent historical Americans, including automobile magnate James Ward Packard, owned Patek Philippe timepieces. A portion the exhibit will have an emphasis on pieces made for Americans. In celebration of the exhibit, Patek Philippe will issue limited-edition timepieces that will be available for sale at their retailers.

Swiss Roots

Founded on May 1, 1839 in Geneva, Switzerland, Patek Philippe is a family-owned company that has remained in the forefront of fine timepieces and watches for almost two centuries. The company’s prowess at creating complicated watch movements, the finishing of the movements, and the superb design continue to define the brand today.

More information about the exhibit can be found here.