The Louis Vuitton Cup Regatta Automatic Chronograph

The Louis Vuitton Cup Regatta Automatic Chronograph

Louis Vuitton has a long standing relationship with the yachting world. for 25 years, the Louis Vuitton Cup has been a race to determine the challenger to the America’s Cup regatta. Vuitton recently began sponsoring the LV Trophy, a series of regattas worldwide, the next of which begins on March 9 in Auckland.
Watchmaking has become a major emphasis for Louis Vuitton. The introduction of the Tambour series in 2002 was a major benchmark and new introductions of complications and beautiful high jewelry pieces have been going strong ever since. The company has a dedicated team of master watchmakers and has developed interesting complications.

The LV Cup Regatta Chronograph features a regatta function, which counts down the 10 minutes prior to the start of the race. This enables the sailor to time his maneuvers to be as close as possible to the starting line when the gun fires. There are 5 separate windows (in the shape of a spinnaker) that change colors as the start nears: going from white to blue to red. The chronograph has a fly back function so you can end and start a new countdown with one push.

Louis Vuitton Cup Starting Line up

Timing is Everything: the Start of the Louis Vuitton Cup in Valencia, 2007

The Louis Vuitton Cup Regatta Automatic Chronograph – note the colored windows for the countdown function

Features: water resistant to 100 meters, blackened steel case, transparent caseback, fly back chronograph, regatta function.