Standouts at SIHH – Piaget, Montblanc, and IWC Men’s Complicated Watch Introductions

Standouts at SIHH – Piaget, Montblanc, and IWC Men’s Complicated Watch Introductions

The SIHH show, held in January, is as exciting for watch collectors as the Super Bowl is for football fans. Collectors, editors and retailers anticipate the yearly show for months.

This year’s SIHH offered some amazing complications and innovations. Montblanc introduced a double-dial watch, Piaget introduced the world’s thinnest automatic movement for its Altiplano watch, and IWC launched a new Portugese Grand Complication, featuring a minute repeater and a moonphase.

Montblanc's Metamorphosis in Action, From Calendar Watch to Chronograph

At the Push of a Button, the Metamorphosis Reveals the Two Subdials Below

Montblanc’s new Metamorphosis watch has literally two faces. On the top layer is a watch that displays the hours, minutes seconds, and date. The minutes are displayed with a retrograde large hand that progresses from 0 to 60 across the top part of the watch, then flies back to zero. The second hand also comes from the center and goes one revolution every minute. The hours are displayed in the top sub dial by one hand. Date is at the 6 o’clock sub-dial in a hand display. Now for the excitement: when a lever on the left is pulled and the push button is pushed, the two subdials split in half down the center and slowly move under the dial like wings. Once the top sub-dials have disappeared, the lower dials rise up and you have a chronograph. The top sub dial shows the hours, and the lower one shows the minutes up to 31 minutes. Seconds remain with the large hand. It’s hard to describe this watch without seeing it in action.  To watch the video, hosted by designers Johnny Girardin and Franck Orny, visit Montblanc’s web site on this page.

Automatic Watch IWC Moonphase

The Ultimate in Complications – IWC’s Portugese Grand

IWC’s new introduction features a moonphase and minute repeater, with its dial engraved with a globe. IWC originally launched the Portugese series in the 30’s for two Portugese marine merchants who wanted accurate timepieces while at sea.
This watch boasts a minute repeater, perpetual calendar, moonphase, and chronograph. It’s an automatic movement  and done in rose gold. The case back has a beautiful sextant engraving.

Piaget Altiplano Profile Mens Automatic Watch

Piaget Altiplano – The thinest automatic there is

Piaget’s Altiplano Men’s Gold Automatic Watch Thinnest on Record

Piaget has set a record for the world’s thinnest automatic movement. This year celebrates the new Altiplano! The new movement is just 2.35mm thick. This represents and solidifies Piaget’s mastery of ultra thin calibers. The watch is done in either white or pink gold, and it’s handsome, elegant.

A view of the automatic movement from the back