Stefano Canturi Jewels – From Moulin Rouge to Modern Cubism

Stefano Canturi Jewels – From Moulin Rouge to Modern Cubism

Jeweler Stefano Canturi admits to taking his inspiration from art’s Cubist period of  the early 20’s. The Australian native began his career as an apprentice in his teens and has never looked back. He began almost immediately creating commissioned pieces for private clients and established his own line in 1986.

Satine DIamond Necklace by Stefano Canturi Moulin ROuge

Stefano Canturi Designed the Famed “Satine” Necklace worn by Nicole Kidman in the movie Moulin Rouge

Canturi’s pieces are a great example of modern classic. The cubist, architectural forms stay feminine with the rounded edges and asymetric designs. He combines different stone cuts to a radiant effect.

Stefano Canturi Cubist Pendant Gold Diamond Necklace

Canturi’s Pendant Necklace – Asymetric Yet Fluid and Feminine

GOld Cuff Bracelet by Stefano Canturi

A Gold Cuff by Canturi – Note the Cubist Influence

Stefano’s colleboration with Baz Luhrmann in 2001 resulted in the majstic Moulin Rouge necklace that was worn by Nicole Kidman in her starring role.

A Cubist Painting by Georges Braque, who founded the movement with Pablo Picasso.